Workplace Risks in Restaurants: Should You Claim Compensation for a Work Injury?


Burns are the main cause of injuries among workers in restaurants. Burns can be caused by the inexperience of the worker, pressure to work quickly, and inadequate training.

How can you and your employer reduce or control these risks in your workplace?

Employers must include safety training as a routine part of all work training. Your employer must maintain a reasonably safe workplace. This can mean hiring more workers. Also, correctly applied first aid treatment can help mitigate the seriousness of a burn sustained in the workplace.

Supervisors and employees in restaurants must be trained in basic first aid for burns, and the necessary first aid equipment should be easily accessible. Any failure to do so might leave the employer open to a claim for compensation for burns sustained by an employee while at work.

Various measures exist to prevent workplace injuries in restaurants, such as using anti-slip carpets, or thick quarry tiles for the floor. Frequent cleaning with an agent which eliminates grease can help prevent an employee suffering a burn as a result of tripping or slipping.

With a grill, stove or hot fryer, the meshes of the grill and scrapers should have handles which employees can use. Gloves can also help prevent burns on employees responsible for cleaning or working in some way with the grills.

Other sources of risk:

  • Violence: Violence in the workplace is violence that is directed towards employees or employers. Use of weapons against colleagues, fights in the workplace, and abuse of employees, are all examples of violence in the workplace.

  • Stress: This happens when the work demands more than the capacity or resources of the employees. Angry customers and little time to do much work are other sources of stress.

  • Repetitive motions: The work that requires the same motion again and again is a danger of ergonomics, as it can cause pain or injuries through time. This might even happen although the motions involved are not difficult.

  • Heavy loads: Objects that are too heavy or incorrectly loaded can cause problems with the back or the body. In fact, back problems are the most common injuries in the workplace.

Types of dangers

  • Solids: Chemicals that are in solid form. Dry paint (e.g. old paint can contain lead.)

  • Powders: You can be exposed to materials that are in powder form, or through processes in work that create these powders, such as glass fibres, asbestos, etc.

  • Liquids: A chemical that is found in liquid form in room temperature. Pesticides, paints, cleaning products.

  • Vapors: Some vapors may cause irritation to the eyes and the skin. Some can cause brain damage through time, such as pesticides, paints, and cleaning products.

  • Gases: Some chemicals exist in the form of gases when they are room temperature. Potential dangers exist with aerosols, carbon monoxide, smoke, and hydrogen sulfuric acid.

Almost all of the above can in one way or another, directly or indirectly, lead to suffering an injury in the workplace. If you believe you have a case for a work injury claim Gloucestershire legal specialists in personal injury claims can provide assistance and advice regarding the likely success of your claim.

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