What Will the Inside of a Self Driving Car Actually Be Like?


There has been a lot of discussion lately about self driving cars. While the technology does already exist to have cars that can control themselves and monitor their own responses to conditions around them, this is still very much in its infancy, and it is likely to be some time before such a vehicle will become road legal, let alone affordable for mainstream use. There are also, of course, a whole wealth of regulatory and insurance decisions that would need to be made before such cars could be sold, which would complicate matters.


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Inside a Self Driving Car

Many people seem to be of the opinion that once the technology is mature and stable enough, there could be some notable upsides to self driving cars. Here, we take a look at some of the implications should self driving cars move out of the realm of sci-fi imaginings that, while technologically possible are unlikely to go into mainstream production (like the hoverboard), and onto our roads. While many people have talked about what the big picture impact would be on things like congestion and the environment, here we're going to look at what life will be like inside one of these vehicles – where you yourself may be in the not too distant future.

Cars Will Be Calmer, Cleaner Places to Be

One of the upsides of cars that take most of the work out of driving will be that people will not experience the same levels of stress and pressure they currently do when they drive. Where cars will be programmed to perform in the most legal and appropriate ways in response to what other road users are doing, a world populated by self driving cars should be one basically devoid of road rage – You will not become infuriated by another driver's selfish actions, and cars basically won't let people drive in an antisocial way. As well as being full of calmer people, self driving cars would probably be a lot cleaner, as drivers would not need to 'multi-task' while driving long distances to eat and drink.

Safer Cargo

The smoother, more predictable motion of automatic cars would also mean less damage to objects being carried around in the trunk, something that may seem trivial but could be an important benefit if you consider self driving cars means also, self driving working vehicles like pick ups. With a pick up truck now you need to line the flat bed well with something like a U Pol Raptor Liner and hope this will protect the things you carry and your vehicle, but with a self driving vehicle jerky maneuvers that cause things to shift around would be minimal.

Of course, as well as being cleaner, safer and better for carrying things, the inside of the self driving car may be somewhat more boring for those in what used to be the driving seat. We can expect more by way of entertainment features and internet connectivity inside these cars of the future.

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