What to Look for When Choosing an MBA Program


Earning a Master of Business Administration is a great way to advance your career and increase your future potential earnings. Many colleges now offer online program and executive programs designed to assist those who want to work full time at the same time that they finish their degrees. Though you might think that all programs are similar, there are some things you want to look for to ensure you choose the best program. Small Class Sizes While class size isn't important when you take classes online, it is important when you plan on taking classes on campus. If you attended a larger college in the past, how comfortable did you feel listening to a professor or teaching assistant talk to hundreds of students at the same time. Larger classes give you less of a chance to make an impression in the mind of your teacher. Schools that offer smaller classes want to foster real connections and relationships between faculty and students. Your professor may help you find an internship in your field, write you a letter of recommendation later or even give you tips on nailing your first job interview. Alumni Network You might hear about the alumni events hosted at major colleges like Harvard and Princeton. These events bring together graduate students and current students and allow those students to pick up tips from those already working in the field. The connections you form at these events can help you when you graduate. You'll have a built in network and support system designed to help you find a job. Even smaller business schools offer networking opportunities for students. When applying to graduate schools that offer MBA programs, get an idea of the type of events the school holds and whether the alumni network is active. Curriculum Design Whether you choose a college like Ohio State University in the country, or you decide to study abroad at a school like the American University of Afghanistan where Ehsan Bayat afghan wireless CEO is a trustee, you'll want to look at the design of the school's curriculum. Most schools have a bulletin that shows you all the courses it offers, but you will want to ask the school how often it offers each course. You might find that some of the classes that interest you are rarely available or only offered once every few years. Make sure that the curriculum of the school will best prepare you for the career you want. Concentration Options Though many schools offer a general MBA program, you may find that business schools now offer specialized MBA programs as well. A specialized MBA programs combines general education with a concentration in a specific field or aspect of the business world. Some of the concentrations that might interest you may include entrepreneurship, accounting, finance or marketing. While you will still complete the general education requirements, which include advanced level business classes, most programs ask that spend up to half your studies taking courses in your concentration. Multiple studies and surveys found that students with an MBA earn more starting out than those who do not have an MBA make. While you can finish your studies in as little as 18 months to two years, it's important that you know what to look for when choosing the best MBA program.

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