What are the Keys to Good Label Design?


In this article you’ll learn the 5 keys to get the right label for your product.

Today, all the products that are on the market have labels: wines, paint, food cans, computers, etc. Labels are the order of the day and to design them effectively you need to follow a series of guidelines.

Do you want a good product label? Here’s how to get it.

5 keys to design a good label

1. The product

You must know everything about the product you want to sell, the dimensions, the colours, the shape, the logo of the brand, the name, etc. You must be very clear about the product you want to sell, and you must convey it with the same clarity to the professional who will design your label.

2. Target audience

Your product is aimed at a specific audience. Do you have clear who your target audience is? You must study your product in the market and observe well the public that consumes it: who is interested, who buys it, who can be future consumers, etc.

You can also observe your competition, this can help you improve the design. It is very important to know who your target audience is because this data will create the trend in the design of the label.

3. Message

This point is important. The message must be clear and concise, a direct slogan can win followers. Work the slogan and the texts reinforcing the virtues of the product. The main thing is that in the same label it is very clear why the consumer should buy this product and not another, the advantages of the product, and what they can gain or benefit from by buying it.

4. Trends

Design trends are very changeable; what is fashionable today, tomorrow may cease to be. However, a good specialist in label design will know how to take your product to where it should be. The design of your product label depends on all the above and your personal taste, but above all it depends on a good specialist, who has to know the latest trends in design and the best programs to make the labels.

5. Types of labels

There are different types of labels, depending on the product and the design you can use one or the other: self-adhesive, glued and sleeve labels.

  • Self-adhesive labels offer many possibilities, since you can choose from a wide range of materials: coated, laid, metallized, white or transparent polypropylene, thermal, anti-grease, blackout, anti-humidity, etc. In addition, printing can also be done in different systems: offset, typography, flexo, silkscreen, digital, etc. The finishes can also vary according to the needs of the design and the product (e.g. gloss, matt, satin, stamping, relief).

  • Glued labels are usually printed with the best offset technology. The advanced labelling systems usually used for this type of label include computerized panels that allow to improve the quality and productivity. It can be used for all types of orders, shapes, models and colours, and for all types of material.

  • Sleeves or shrink sleeve labels, thanks to their shrinkable material, can adapt to any container. They are manufactured with very flexible plastic material, and are very resistant and very durable. This type of label has a huge advantage: it allows decoration in 360°. In addition, this type of labelling can perform other functions such as protecting the container thanks to a seal, you can also group containers or group lots for gifts and promotions.

Knowing all this, it only remains to hire a professional company to advise you on the design and labelling that best suit your product.

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