Tips for Storing Coconut Oil to Avoid Spoilage


Coconut oil boasts a longer shelf life compared with other cooking oils. It also does not require special treatment for storage in order for it to last a long time. It can be stored at room temperature and it will maintain its quality for up to two years.

Storing the oil

Depending on the temperature, the oil can be in either solid or liquid state when stored at room temperature. When placed inside the fridge, it easily solidifies, making it more difficult to use. However, when removed, it won’t take much time for it to become liquid again. It will only take time if the room temperature is also low.

The right containers

Glass is the best choice when it comes to storing coconut oil. A plastic container is also an option, but glass ensures there is no leaching into the oil. If you decide to use plastic containers, find one that says BPA-free. This prevents harsh compounds from being absorbed into the oil. Storing it in a dark place is also advised. While it can easily withstand higher temperatures for cooking, it must not be stored directly in the heat of sunlight. It could potentially affect the quality of the coconut oil.

Storing the oil in bulk

It is also a good idea to buy coconut oil in bulk, especially if you are given discount when doing so. Bulk coconut oil stored in large containers is a more practical option. Once your order has arrived, you must first heat the oil in a large pot so that the oil becomes liquid. From there, you can divide the oil into smaller containers for easy storage. Individual portions are also possible by pouring the oil into an ice cube tray.

Using the oil

The good thing about coconut oil is that it is considered a healthy fat. It can be minimally processed and is a good alternative to other oils. It is produced mostly in Pacific countries and is popular in various parts of the world, especially in Asian countries like the Philippines and India.

When the oil has solidified due to the temperature change, you can just scoop it, or heat it before using.

Find the right supplier

If you are using coconut oil for commercial purposes, buy wholesale coconut oil. Given the fact that it can last for a really long time, you won’t need to worry even if you buy a large volume at once. Besides, if you are using it regularly, you will get the most out of a bulk supply if you are given quality coconut oil at an affordable price.


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