Three Reasons to Attend the World Retail Congress


If you’re still on the fence about booking a ticket for the World Retail Congress this year, we’re putting the spotlight on three of the most interesting events on offer as part of this international exchange of ideas and insight about the world of retail. Whether you run a chain of fashion stores or head up an international architecture firm that works with retail businesses, this is a great opportunity for you to learn about the most important challenges facing the retail world in 2018 and do the sort of networking that could change the course of your business.

Welcome to the Experience Game

If you’re opening a new store, whether that’s an entirely new business or simply a new branch, you know all too well you’re entering a highly competitive market. As well as other bricks and mortar shops on the high street, you’re also competing with the internet, which can offer lower prices and all the convenience of shopping without leaving the house.

If you’re going to compete effectively, you need to construct an experience for customers using your store that they will want to return to again and again. This session introduces and explores the concepts you’ll use to structure your brand around experiences that speak to your customers, and make sure it’s well worth their while to visit you in person.

This is an interactive session, so it’s also a great chance to break the ice with some of your fellow attendees and start networking!

Building a Brand for Today’s Consumer

This ‘Fireside Chat’ again addresses the particular needs of retail in 2018. Jen Rubio won a place on Forbes 30 Under 30 list for her work in marketing and advertising, and will be addressing the congress on what brands needs to do to capture and keep consumer loyalty.

She identifies three major focuses for brands: speed, authenticity and partnerships. With so much business and communication done online today, working at speed is vital: people expect instant responses and updates, in an authentic voice they can trust. Developing the processes that let you achieve this consistently is the key to success.

Introducing Your Future Consumer

The way to get the most out of your visit is to seek out the insights that are unique to the WRC. This is a presentation of a study commissioned especially for the World Retail Congress, and it’ll give you some vital data for when you’re planning your strategy over the next year, or longer.

The study predicts tomorrow’s behaviour from consumers: how much money they have, where and how they spend, and what makes them decide to spend it in one place rather than another.

With the overriding theme of this year’s congress focusing on the challenges and changes retail faces in the near future, this is a talk you really cannot afford to miss.

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