The Perfect Exhibition Display Stand: 4 Things NOT to Do


You may think not a lot can go wrong with an exhibition display stand. Surely you just need some nice graphics, a few freebies, and someone to stand there and welcome visitors? It seems simple. But in the excitement and stress of organising your display stand for a trade show or exhibition, it is easy to go running off in the wrong direction. You want your display stand to make an impression – for all the right reasons. Luckily you have this handy list of what NOT to do when designing an exhibition stand, so you can avoid these common mistakes.

1. Forget to Plan

The devil’s in the detail, so they say, and you really need to nail down the detail before you start choosing giveaway pen sets and designing your banners. You need to plan your reason and objective for trade show participation and you need to make sure you communicate this through your stand. Failing to plan means you end up either with a highly generic display stand that simply blends into the background, or you end up giving people the wrong impression about your company or your goals. And when they discover this it won’t make them feel warmly towards you.

2. Blow the Budget

You don’t have to go crazy in order to impress. If you don’t have the budget you don’t need to go for the largest amount of floor space or rent expensive AV equipment to stand out. If you blow the budget how do you really expect the event to be a success? Small stands work just as well in context. Make sure your employees are approachable and friendly, and tailor your message to what the audience wants to hear. And, make sure you keep your costs down on factors like flyer printing and leaflet printing so you can save money for design expertise, or giveaways.

3. Locate Next to the Toilets

Location does make a difference. While, as we say above, you don’t have the blow the budget on the most expensive, largest pitch, it does help to situate yourself next to something more inspiring than the toilets or the emergency exit on the very edge of the venue.

4. Waste Your Space

The space for your display stand is unlikely to be huge. Don’t fall into the trap of putting a stand in the middle of the space and forgetting about the entire height of the space as well as the width. Obviously you don’t want to make it cluttered, but plan the graphics on your stand and your roller banners carefully so they attract the maximum attention. Use the full permitted height. And ensure that all graphics on your banners, as well as text, are entirely relevant to the first point in this article – your overall plan.

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