Siting Your Banner Stand: What You Need to Know


Roller banners and banner stands are useful for all kinds of businesses, large and small. When you invest in a banner stand you will find plenty of reasons to use it, and to benefit from it. A well-designed banner stand helps to provide customers and prospective clients with information and will catch people’s eye – but the design of the banner is not the only thing you need to think about. Where you locate your banner is also important and can make a big difference to its overall effect and success. Here’s what you need to know when you are thinking of the place to put your roll up banner.

Your Banner Must be Seen

It sounds obvious but if you are designing a roll up banner you need it to be seen by the people you want to attract. Your customers must be able to see the pop up banner – think about where your customers will be. At a trade show? At an exhibition? Walking down the high street? Once you have got your main location, think further about where exactly to place the banner for maximum impact.

Understand How to Site a Banner in a Shop or Business

It is common practice for a business to use a banner within a shop, office, or other place of business. It is particularly common in a shop where a pull up banner can be used to point customers in the direction of a sale, a new department, or an offer. Or within an office or other business to direct staff to certain areas, or to give visitors more information about the business.

If you want to use a roll up banner in your shop make sure that the banner is designed with a key message at eye level – think about this when banner printing - and that the banner is either close to the entrance to the shop or close to the entrance to the specific department.

Making a Banner Visible Outside a Business

Use banners outside to make an impact and draw people into a business. Pop up Banners work for this purpose but make sure that they are sturdy and easy to read. Vinyl banners may be more effective as they are larger and better able to attract attention, particularly of people driving past in cars.

Making an Impact at a Trade Show

Avoid situating a roll up banner behind any furniture at your stand such as the table, as you do not have much space on the banner for information, and all of it needs to be seen. Also avoid blocking any key messages on your main stand, or distracting people from the overall design of the stand. Roll up Banners are best located to the side of a table, not in front of the stand.

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