Property Valuation is a Must Before Selling Your House


Are you planning to sell your property? Before doing so, you should ask a surveyor to come over and value your property. This will make it easier for you to sell the property, when you know how much it is worth. You can’t just guess how much your property is worth.

Selling the property at a really high price could turn buyers off. They won’t want to buy the property if they can find other properties at a lower price. On the other hand, if you sell it at a really low price, you will find lots of potential buyers, but you will likely make less money on the sale than would have been possible with an accurate valuation.

Accurate valuation

The goal is for the property to be valuated as accurately as possible. Qualified surveyors can do the job. They will come over and check every aspect of the property. They will know if there are items that are really valuable and this could increase the price of your property. They will also identify any items that should be repaired. If you repair these, the value of the property could go up.

Close estimates

Of course, no one can really put an accurate price tag on the property. Surveyors merely make a best estimate. However, their estimates are based on their previous experience in dealing with other properties. They have a clear idea of how much similar properties are worth.

Keep the receipts

It also helps if you have kept the receipts for any renovations or other changes you have made to the property. This will allow the surveyor to make a more accurate estimate. For instance, if you have remodelled the kitchen, this will increase the value of the property. Keeping the receipts will allow the surveyor to include the actual cost of the remodelling when they do the property valuation.

In the end, you need a highly qualified surveyor to do the job. You want to see to it that when you come to sell the property, you will make the most of it. If you reside in the Essex area, you can look for an experienced building surveyor Essex offers to value your property.

The valuation report will be sent to you in no time. You can use the report in determining if you will sell your property or not. Should you decide to sell it, you can base the asking price on the valuation report. If potential buyers ask about the price, you can refer them to the valuation report so they can understand that the price being asked is fair.

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