Predicted developments for the finance sector in the Middle East: 2016 and beyond


The Middle East is one of the most exciting places to be in the world right now when it comes to the international financial sector. Of course, being able to predict what will happen in the money markets is never easy, although when certain circumstances come together, it can make the process of choosing the right investments much more straightforward.

Emerging markets

Emerging markets around the world continue to change the face of global finance. Although it might be strange to think of the Middle East as one of these emerging markets due to the region's importance in the oil and gas industries over nearly a century, recent developments more than make the case for its inclusion. The opportunities that exist in the Middle East mean that the region is expected to be one of the fastest-growing in the world over the next few years, as GDP expands at an annual rate of 4.1 per cent. Long-term development objectives are already in place based around diversification with sustainable growth as the aim and resulting in massive technological and infrastructure investment projects.

International nature

The nature of global finance today is based on a level of inter-connectivity that simply was not possible in the past. Trading between continents, regions and countries is not just for multinational corporations any more as even the smallest company can now make connections for the manufacture and sale of goods and services across the globe. Middle East investment in telecommunications infrastructure has transformed the region, and future innovation and research programmes will allow both business and the consumer-led demands from a changing demographic take their rightful place in the 21st-century worldwide marketplace.


Just one example of the way in which the Middle East is adapting successfully to the new way of doing things can be seen in Kuwait, where influential individuals such as business man, Fahad Al Rajaan have built their careers on making the most of changing circumstances in order to make the right investments and make their mark. By using social media platforms such as Twitter you can keep up to date with what Al Rajaan (the Director General of PIFSS) shares with the rest of the world about his knowledge of the workings of international investment. Al Rajaan has been in this important role since 1984 and is also currently the chairman of Ahli United Bank - Bahrain and Wafra Investment Advisory Group in New York, which means he is perfectly placed to know exactly what is happening in the industry at any given moment.

Future perfect

While it is impossible to truly predict the future, finding out what knowledgeable and influential people think is going to happen can help you arm yourself with the information and background needed to make informed decisions of your own. In this way, you can predict developments in the finance sector in the Middle East over the coming year and beyond and make sure your own choices are on the money.

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