Marketing in 2018: 7 Advertising Trends You Need to Know About


The world of advertising is evolving fast. The most popular trends that were considered to be a product of cutting-edge technology just a year ago are now outdated.

A company that yet needs to develop its image and build its brand needs to be closely familiar with the most recent advertising currents. If, by any chance, you use old methods to fashion your campaign, your audience won’t perceive you as viable. On the contrary, you will seem like you’re trotting behind technology, trying to keep up.

When it comes to the year 2018, there are seven highly influential and very profitable trends that every aspiring business should be aware of.

Personalized Campaigns


For starters, you need to learn about the proper way to develop your campaigns.

Generic advertising is a thing of the past; your audience recognizes it as unprofessional, and it won’t get you far. Considering the amount of ads that are being released on social media on a daily basis, an average consumer is capable to recognize marketing content that’s a result of hard work, as opposed to completely impersonal ads.

Therefore, the key to developing a quality campaign your audience will respond to is personalization. Your ads should be precisely targeted and created in accordance with the needs of your audience.

In-App Ads

Another result of the extensive advertising aspect on social platforms is saturation; an average user is tired of scrolling through marketing content.

That’s why you need to approach this situation differently, and camouflage your ads so that they appear natural, not as flashy advertising content. Therefore, you should focus on apps as a new, profitable marketing platform, and exploit these grounds.

Native Advertising


As we mentioned in the beginning, for your campaign to work out, it’s vital that you showcase professionalism and expertise through your campaigns.

This sounds much harder than it really is – you should just stick to what you know. 2018 is a great year to invest in enriching your website and expanding your blog. Native content should be derived from your knowledge base, and you can transfuse it into guilds, detailed product descriptions, etc.

Besides, developing your website is one of the certain ways to grow and develop your business, so this is an investment that will keep paying off.


This year will probably see the popularity of video content getting blown out of every expected proportion.

This is your chance to get really close to your audience; videos are a great medium for giving your company a personality. Other than using them to show your products, you can use video advertising to show your team, as well.

Influencer’s Advice


People put a lot of faith in a personal recommendation. Online, the word of mouth functions differently – it’s influencers who are placed in the spotlight.

No matter the size of your company or your business niche, you can and should get in touch with influencers in your area of business. However, you should treat this as an investment as well – trying to influence your audience through A-listers isn’t free.

Augmented Reality

Unlike VR, augmented reality is quite attainable and applicable. You can already see AR paving its path to contemporary advertising.

And especially so when it comes to interior design. Because it enables users to envision the space around them with a simple implementation of various items, AR and interior design are a perfect match. Without any hustle, you can change and play with your rooms – companies like IKEA are already exploiting this resource.

Street Ads


Because there’s so much focus on online advertising, many businesses have neglected other marketing channels – which is exactly why you should be cunning enough to explore them.

Street ads have a wide reach, and if you put some brainstorming and research into their development, they can have a strong impact on your target audience. Naturally, it’s also important to pay attention to different signs and forms of street ads, because you can implement the diversity of shapes into your campaign as well.

Regardless of your company’s business model, your expertise, or your offer, you can apply each of these trends to your marketing campaign – that’s what makes them so profitable. Unlike temporary advertising currents, our list consists out of trends that are here to stay. Therefore, you can be sure you won’t make a mistake if you decide to go with any of them.

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