Many People Are Creating Personal Chatbots and Here is Why


Chatbots showed themselves as quite useful on many different fields: they have revolutionized customer experience; they are of great help to healthcare institutions; and they are highly valuable to businesses. However, the use of chatbots goes beyond the professional world – as Henri Ben Ezra, CEO of Snatchbot says, personal chatbots can be a game-changer for active users of social platforms on different levels. Basically, it’s like having your smart little avatar that stores fragments of yourself. This is a growing trend – more and more people are building personal chatbots, and the following paragraphs will explain why.

A Personal Assistant

4f549142402e94a50afcd947649b711d Your personal chatbots, or your viral mini-me, isn’t just pretty to look at – it’s clever too. If you use social networks to stay in touch with your circle of friends and family while you’re working abroad or traveling, you know just how time-consuming and energy-demanding that is. The fact is that you want to share information with people who you find dear, but your lifestyle is standing in the way. Well, instead of being consumed with guilt while trying to find enough time to answer the same exact questions, you can simply find the best chatbot platform and have your chatbot do it. If you update it regularly, your chatbot will be able to provide genuine answers about your recent activity and movement. You won’t have to grab your smartphone during every moment you have to spare in order to provide this information, and people will find it easier to stay in touch with you.

Effortless Communication

chatbots What makes chatbots so appealing is the fact that they make communication effortless. Although accounts on social media show a fair amount of personal content, like places someone has visited and music they listen to, they don’t really tell you a lot. You can hardly find out something valuable about a person by scrolling through their profile. However, making that first move and getting in touch with someone via Messenger, for example, isn’t always easy. There’s an invisible obstacle there, and chatbots will enable you to tear it down. And since you are the one creating it, your chatbot will contain information that doesn’t constitute an intrusion of privacy. So, if you’re curious about someone you always wanted to be friends with, chatbots can help you learn about them.

A Helpful Sidekick

chatbot-development Have you ever felt embarrassed about forgetting something you shouldn’t about your loved ones? Like their dress or shoe size? When you want to surprise them with a birthday gift for example, it can be rather uncomfortable to ask them. Someone’s personal chatbot is actually your sidekick on the mission to surprise your loved one with a gift that fits, without having to bother them beforehand. So, the next time you let a piece of information like this slip, neither you nor your loved one have to stress out about it.

Take a Social Break

1_ih7UMF5S4Vvow1g00qvcHw A personal chatbot isn’t only useful to those who don’t have enough time to invest into social platforms – they are also quite beneficial for everyone who needs a social break. If you feel a bit drained and exhausted because social platforms take too much energy to manage, you can simply put your personal chatbot in charge. Although shutting down your accounts may sound like a reasonable solution, it can actually cause a series of inconvenient problems for you – you’ll have a lot of explaining to do, because your social contacts will be interested in what caused your decision. Chatbots are a painless way to get some distance from social platforms when you need it. If you feel like you’re spending too much time on your smartphone and you think you should spend it on something else, on something creative, your personal chatbot can take your place.

It’s Fun

Chatbot The whole process of building a personal chatbot is simple and quite entertaining. We already mentioned the Snatchbot platform in the beginning – Avi Ben Ezra, Chief Technology Officer of this aspiring company emphasizes the fact of how easy it is to build a chatbot. Their simple-to-navigate software is highly ranked on “the best chatbot platform” list; one of the reasons for their success is the simplicity of their chatbot-building tool and the fact that it’s free. You’ll have a lot of fun with designing your personal chatbot – you can develop simple or complex conversations and build action buttons without any technical knowledge or skills. So, your clever mini-me, your personal chatbot, can help you manage your social accounts, get in touch with someone effortlessly, or serve as a sidekick in your mission to surprise your loved ones. Personal chatbots are already multiplying online – the sooner you get yours, the faster you’ll be able to enjoy its benefits.

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