Making a Successful Work Accident Claim


Most people who get injured at work never consider the fact that their employers could be responsible. It is important to note that companies have a legal duty to ensure their employees are protected from harm; this ranges from proper training to provision of correct equipment. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure the workers undertake their duties in a safe environment. However, if they neglect these legal duties, they can be sued and forced to compensate the injured individuals. If in the last 3 years you experienced an accident while working, and you think your employer was at fault, you can file a work injury claim. Here are some tips that could help you make a successful work accident claim. 

Report the Accident Immediately Compensation legislation requires work injury accidents to be reported as soon as possible; report within 24 hours if possible. You should do this before you consider any voluntary resignation or paying for your hospital bills. It is recommendable that you speak to your work accident attorney and remember to include your name, address, nature and cause of the accident as well as the date it occurred. Also complete an injury notification or injury register book provided by your employer; failure to notify your employer about the injury might compromise your compensation. 

Fill compensation claim form After a work accident, provide a compensation claim form to your employer upon request. Ensure that the two of you complete the form as required. You have the right to consult your doctor in case medical treatment is required. Some employers will insist that you obtain help from their company doctor; please note that you are under no obligation to do that. It is recommendable you get your personal doctor to assist you fill the Work Capacity Certificate and submit it to your employer. 

Get expert legal advice It can be hectic trying to follow up your medical schedules and at the time follow up the compensation procedure. For this reason, hiring an experienced work injury lawyer is recommendable. They will assist in: Estimating compensation cost- The amount of compensation you can receive is not static, but depends on individual circumstances. A reliable attorney will assist you get the maximum amount of compensation depending on the level of damage caused, impact on your future earnings, loss of income, financial costs on equipments acquired to help in recovery and any medical costs. Witnesses- A legal advisor will go out and meet any eyewitnesses who could assist in your case. He will also ensure that enough proof is gathered in case the employer tries to dispute your case. Some of the important documents include work accident book entry, photographs, witness statements and medical records.

In conclusion, a work injury claim does not have to be a tedious task. You can save time and unnecessary legal work by hiring a solicitor who won’t ask for a dime if you don’t get compensated. 

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