Looking for the Best Trade Show Booth Rental Service? A Few Tips To Consider Before Hiring


If you are regularly participating in different exhibitions and trade fairs, then you may need the service of any good rental service providers for trade show booth. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to carry lots of inventory for exhibition to different places. Therefore, choosing any rental company would be a cost-effective solution, as they have ready made hardware to provide you service at any place.

However, if you choose any wrong rental company with poorly designed exhibition material then your whole purpose of attending the trade show may be defeated. Therefore, you need to use following tips while hiring any show booth rental service.

  1. Make sure that rental company has got the industry experience

Any tradeshow display companies that you are dealing with must be having enough experience of the trade show display industry. The success of your marketing campaign can only be successful if your booth is properly designed and should reflect your brand in grand style. Therefore, you must look for such companies that has reputation of generating best results after the exhibition. You must ask the service provider, how many displays and designs that he produces every year and how many of his clients have given them repeat orders. A quality service provider will always be sought after by many companies and give them repeat orders.

  1. Get his portfolio and references

It will be a good idea to contact the references of the service provider so that you can get proper feedback about the service provider. While collecting the feedback, following things must be kept in your mind.

  • Whether the company provided the service within the budget?

  • How the company responded to various issues that develops at the exhibition site and how he designed the displays and booths?

  • Did he provide any customer service during the exhibition?

Understanding these details will tell you about the credibility of the rental service company. You can also spend some time on the website of the company and look at the various displays and designs. Their portfolio can reveal a lot about them.

  1. Be clear about the designs

You must find out whether the company has got their own staff to design the booth and display or they subcontract some other agency to design at the site. You should avoid those service providers who do not have any in-house designers of their own. You should also meet the actual designer and have a feel about their design capability by talking to them and see their earlier works.

  1. Check about their customer service

It is very risky to do business with any rental company who does not have any organized customer service facility. When you need any help or support, if you find that your request is not getting enough attention, your marketing campaign effort may not be successful.

  1. Make sure that the company identifies with your goal

Your goal for attending the trade show is to draw maximum notice during the exhibition. You must see the same level of enthusiasm on part of your rental service provider too. If that part is missing then your exhibition can not be successful.

Contact many number of rental companies before finalizing your decision.

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