Key components to a digital marketing strategy


If you’ve not already taken the time to create one, your digital marketing strategy will be the most important task you complete today. In a world so heavily dominated by web presence, online engagement and social media, a strategy that helps you manage your digital marketing is vital. Among other things that strategy will help you increase web traffic and sales, clarify the results you’re chasing, improve your business’s focus, and help you delegate tasks amongst your marketing team. The concepts of digital marketing and reaching out via social media may be daunting ones, but they really shouldn’t be – not if you’ve hopes of succeeding in the world of technology, anyway.

What are your business’s objectives?

Before strategizing, consider what it is you want to achieve from your business’s digital marketing tactics. What sales targets do you want to achieve? Where would you like traffic to be driven? Where do you see your company in just a few months’ time? The creation of your digital marketing strategy is your opportunity to identify what you’re about to undertake and why, to analyse your competitors’ marketing techniques, and to work out what time and resources you have to spare, as well as giving yourself a benchmark to head toward. Social media and digital marketing is a huge commitment for any business, regardless of budget; done half-heartedly your marketing could have serious affects on your brand, and sully your reputation among clients – besides, isn’t it always a good idea to have something to work towards?

What has your research told you about your customers?

Research is essential if your digital marketing strategy is to be successful because your marketing strategy will, after all, be driven by the needs and habits of your target customer. Think about the customers your marketing must speak to, the language that will most appeal to them, the items and services they desire the most and the ways in which they search for what they need and want. You’ll also want to consider social media and how your potential customers access various platforms. What time of day are they most likely to be online? What is it they engage with most while they’re browsing? An in-depth understanding of your potential customers will enable you to better target your marketing and to engage with site visitors during the times that matter most.

Have you considered content?

A high percentage of your digital marketing strategy should relate to the delivery of your targeted marketing and, more specifically, the kinds of content you’ll be using. A focus on social media platforms, web content and blogging is essential, while you’ll also need to think about imagery, videos, and other means of presenting your products or services that will truly connect with your customers. Who will create your content for you? You see, it’s not enough to simply produce content anymore; every word that’s created on your behalf must be considered carefully, including what you’re saying and at what intervals, and how your content is being broadcast – and to whom. When it comes to creating the words and images that are going to speak to your target market the services of a content marketing specialist is vital. Such organisations are expert in their field and can help your business create content that will not only be seen and heard by all the right people, but will be understood in marketing terms too; keyword strategy, SEO, and engaging content can make all the difference to your digital marketing success.

There are numerous components that you may wish to include in your digital marketing strategy, including self-evaluation and an ability to monitor results as they happen, as well as opportunities for change; have you considered how you may adapt key areas of your strategy should they produce less than satisfactory results first time around? The concept of digital marketing is a diverse and dynamic one, and you must be prepared to move with the times to engage with your audience. The digital marketing strategy that works today may look very different from the one that engages everyone tomorrow – can you keep up?

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