Is Trump A Good Leader?


There’s little doubt that the US President Donald Trump is an able and successful businessman, producing both personal and corporate brands that have flourished throughout the US and internationally. But does Trump fit the mould of what we would consider a good leader to be?

He is certainly able to direct his staff and his followers effectively, but – according to Fire and Fury – he often does this through fear, rather than through respect or shared values. Similarly, there’s no doubt that Trump is not afraid to make difficult decisions, even in the face of overwhelming pressure, but does he approach this decision-making process in the most effective way?

According to a new infographic from STL, Trump often makes decisions according to his gut instinct, rather than listening to the opinions of experts, and regularly refuses to delegate to more experienced team-members – instead, preferring to go with his own judgement. STL point to these two traits as serious management mistakes, two of six that the management experts accuse the President of making on a regular basis.

The others include:

  • Going off company-message when in public
  • Not preventing employees from turning on each other
  • Putting too heavy an emphasis on personal loyalty
  • Undermining colleagues and staff

But do these mistakes make Trump a poor leader? Or do the ends justify the means? We’re in no position to make a judgement on a man in such a powerful global position, but I think it’s fair to say that while Trump may be presiding over a growing economy, he may well be making some serious leadership mistakes along the way.

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