Is Social Media Marketing Passed?


When social media first began to hit its stride, it was touted as the 'Next Big Thing' in marketing. Unfortunately, too many companies and entrepreneurs became disillusioned after their results failed to match the hype. Some have even declared social media marketing as a dead end, a time-waster, and not worth the effort. Before you write a eulogy for your social media marketing campaign, take another look at why you may not be getting the response you expected, and how you can turn it around.

Know Your Platforms

Not all social media outlets work the same, but when you know which platforms work best for what goals, you can put your focus on those that will help you meet yours. For example, Twitter is a fast-paced, concise medium that's offers great way to issue press releases and blurbs about time-sensitive information. Outlets like Instagram and Pinterest are great showcases when your content is image-heavy, such as releasing new products or promoting travel blogs. For networking, try LinkedIn and Google+. The most used platform of all, Facebook, is still a good way to interact with your customers, promote new additions to your blog and generate general interest.

When you use these platforms in conjunction with each other, you'll have a well-rounded outreach approach. However, don't jump on every new platform that comes along; it can take a while for them to find their niche or build popularity and for their effectiveness to become apparent. It will also help to have a full-time social media manager to oversee and implement your platforms.

Use the Right Tools

The average business owner may notice when they aren't reaching people or when interaction drops off, but they may not know why. Luckily, there are a number of tools available that will eliminate some of the guesswork and give you concrete numbers to work with. Most social media platforms have their own built-in analytic tools; there are also a number of programs available that can monitor statistics over all of your platforms. Both of these measuring mediums can show you trends over time, predictions for future growth and offer suggestions for improvement.

Choose a Crack Social SEO Team

Social media optimization is a fluctuating marketing element that is driven by how and why people use it as well as how search engines measure website quality and usefulness. The problem is, once you think you've got a handle on it, the criteria changes and trends shift. A professional SEO company that knows social media is better equipped to keep up with the evolution of online marketing and improvements in technology. SEO is all they do, so choosing a team of professionals is a wise investment.

Most mediums are only as good as the effort you put into them. Social media is still as solid way to increase your web presence and interact with your market. The key to success is learning which platforms work best for your purpose and goals and using smart SEO practices to help drive traffic. With a little trial and error and the help of a company that knows SEO optimization, you should see steady, sustainable results in no time.

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