How to Choose a CMS for Your New E-Commerce Store


Choosing a CMS for your new e-commerce store can be confusing, especially if you have little to no web development experience. You would have likely already heard of WordPress and how it could benefit your online store. However, is WordPress really the right solution for you? There are hundreds of platforms to choose from and just because one of them is popular doesn’t necessarily mean it suits your business model. Have a look at some of the below tips to help you choose a CMS that’s right for your business.

Think Simplicity

The last thing you want to do is overload yourself with more tasks to complete on a daily basis. Many CMS platforms make it easier for you to automate certain processes in terms of accepting orders and automatically emailing them their shipping information. Think of how a CMS can help keep manual tasks to a minimum, and also a platform that makes it easy for you to navigate and search for what you need.

Think of the Future

As your e-commerce store grows, so will your need for new features and plugins. It’s crucial you always think of your website visitors in this instance. There’s not much point in choosing a basic CMS that doesn’t have much power to grow in the future. Choose one that’s simple but also choose one that can be easily customised by a professional. If, for example, you choose the Magento platform, you’ll easily be able to find a professional Magento Agency London based that can cater to the needs of your growing e-commerce store in terms of new features.

Performance is Key to the Success of Your Store

Performance is crucial when it comes to making your customers happy. If a page loads one second slower than it should, your potential customers could end up spending money with one of your competitors instead. People are growing even more impatient these days as technology grows, so you need to find a CMS that’s very user-friendly and always performs highly.

Test Multiple CMS Platforms

It’s a time-consuming process, but it’s one that could prove to be the difference in your store becoming a huge success. Testing out some of the major platforms as well as some of the less popular ones will give you an insight as to which one works best for you and your business. It’s not just your business you need to consider, it’s also you as you’ll be the one making all the necessary changes in the backend. Therefore, you should always choose one that makes navigating easy and comfortable for you.

The world of CMS design is a complicated one, and it shouldn’t always be a case of installing the popular one because everyone else uses it. There are many top platforms out there in terms of WordPress and Magento, but there are many platforms out there that remain unknown but could be worth their weight in gold for your needs.

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