How to Acquire a Premium Office Address on a Budget with a Virtual Office


There are lots of differences between Asia and the rest of the world, particularly when it comes to doing business. The people here have a different temperament, for one thing. Where executives in Europe and America are taught to be bold, bolshie, and energetic, Asian entrepreneurs are patient, cautious, and in no hurry to rush big decisions.

This has a big impact on workplace culture, and it can take foreign investors a while to get used to leading a team. However, there are plenty of similarities too, such as the importance of a great office. In the Philippines, location prejudice is just as strong as it is in Paris, London, or Sydney. So, if you plan to start a business here, you’ve got grab yourself a top spot.

Fortunately, virtual offices have made this easier to achieve. This article will explore the reasons why these facilities are a key to the best addresses in Manila.

Knowing Where to Look

If you want a premium address, you’ve first got to know where to look for one. For instance, Servcorp virtual offices are always located in busy, vibrant neighbourhoods. In Manila, this means in and around Makati City, as it is the heart of the financial district.

For energy, activity, and market exposure, it’s a great choice. The best place for a business to be is in the spotlight. While top-rated addresses can be very expensive, they come with prestige and a chance to catch the eye of local investors.

Getting a Virtual Office

It is a problem, particularly for small businesses, that these addresses carry such high rates. The good news, however, is that traditional, long hold leases are not the only way to secure one. In fact, committing to a three or five-year contract can be financially risky.

With a virtual office, you get to continue working from a home base. You don’t have to limit your equipment or time to one physical space, as the software, tools, and resources are accessed remotely. As a result, usage fees are remarkably low, even in top spots.

Building In the Right Place

There are all kinds of reasons why cities are the best choice for entrepreneurs. For one thing, you’ve got a higher chance of being close to your target demographic. For another, you get to be on the radar of influential figures. Many investors limit their interest to urban areas.

You may not be privately renting when going virtual, but you have a right to claim the address of the facility. Tenants can have mail and calls sent to the main building, and administrative staff will process them. For all intents and purposes, it is your flashy, prestigious address.

On to the Next Step

Furthermore, virtual tenants retain the freedom to end their rental agreement at any time. There are no ‘lock-in’ clauses requiring you to fulfil the original duration of the lease. So, as soon as you’re ready for a full-time office, it’s just a matter of informing the vendor.

If you work with one of the bigger, more established providers in Manila, they may even help you relocate. Some virtual vendors operate managed suites as well. You may be able to move into a private office without the same building when you’re sure of taking the next step.

How to Find a Great Office in Beautiful Manila

As the capital city of the Philippines, Manila is as vibrant and lively as you’d expect. There are lots of real estate options for businesses, but none are as affordable as virtual offices. To visit one of these facilities for yourself, find a vendor that is located in the centre of the city.

The best facilities are found close to retail and financial districts, as this is where a lot of shoppers and investors spend time. Most virtual providers are happy to meet with interested parties. Take a tour of the building, ask plenty of questions, and get familiar with the service.

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