Hire a Commercial Catering Engineer if You’re Opening a Food Business


Starting a catering business is a good idea. You will never go wrong in a business that provides food for people. As long as you can give them healthy and tasty dishes, you will definitely be hired to provide catering services.

If you are an experienced chef and you have other people who can help you, it is easy running this aspect of the business. There are other things you need to consider though like making sure that the cooking equipment is properly installed and safe for use in a catering business.

Approval from local authorities

You can’t start a catering business unless you get approval from local authorities. You must have a business permit. Before it is released, you need to meet certain standards. This is true especially when it comes to the safety of the area used for cooking. Hiring a gas engineer helps a lot since the gas appliances to be used will be checked. You can also ask them for installation or repair services. The Gas Safety Record will then be completed as a proof that everything is safe.

Experience is a must

You should find a gas engineer who has experience in doing the job. They can provide the same service to different places like hospitals, schools and other establishments. It would be better though if they have had experience in dealing with a catering business before since there is an assurance that they can thoroughly check everything, so you won’t violate the law.

Maintenance is also necessary

Aside from installing your catering equipment or providing the report needed to get the approval from local government, you should count on them for maintaining the safety of the equipment. They should also provide support, especially for emergencies. When there is something wrong or missing from the equipment that prevents it from fully functioning, they must know where to find the parts, so repairs can be done right away. There are also times when equipment has to be replaced, especially when it is worn out. Hence, replacement is the best option even if it is expensive.

Annual servicing

By establishing a good relationship with commercial catering engineers, it is easier for you to just call them when you need their help. They can also provide annual services to ensure that the Gas Safety Records are up to date, all appliances are working well, and a combustion test is done.

These engineers can provide a lot of services to keep the equipment running well. You need the help of high quality engineers, so you can just focus on the cooking and management aspects of the business.

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