Finding The Best Online Shopping Cart


If you are in the market for an e-commerce site that can underpin your company's efforts to expand it's sales online, the most important thing that you can probably do is to develop requirements that completely match your needs.

That way, it should be fairly straightforward to just find a company that you can partner with on a long term basis.

Here are some features that can help you get started putting together your requirements when choosing an online shopping cart:

Payment processing:

The cost of selling online can be one of the biggest impediments to working with a particular vendor. Most companies that offer payment processing are likely to charge you a set percentage of your sale and drop that percentage as you make more sales. They also often offer a flat rate plus a lower overall percentage as an option. The only way that you can get a better deal is for you to take advantage of the online shopping carts and payment processors available at a company like Because they have been in the industry for a while, they have managed to negotiate deals that allow them to aggregate the their clients sales at a lower cost than if you went directly to a payment processor where you were a single client.

That in turn can give your business an advantage in the market because you do not need to spend the same amount as your competitors.

Language support:

Although many companies simply have their clients use Google or another company to translate their website, most consumers prefer having another level of language support when it comes to the menus and the pricing. Fortunately, many shopping cart scripts allow you to insert whatever number of currencies that you want. Of course, one caveat is that the currency exchange rates need to be adjusted by hand in most cases. If you can find a cart that offers a service where you can get instant updates as the market changes, it is a good idea.

As for syntax for your shopping menu, getting your menu and main categories professionally translated for the languages that you decide are important can enhance how your clients see your site. One bonus regarding approaching it this way is that you can then measure the traffic and translate more and more of the site into those languages that drive the most sales.

Ease of product entry:

After you have your site built, you will likely make periodic changes to the products and services that you offer. One of the most annoying things clients can face is to having a monolithic structure that is neither simple nor quick to use when it comes to product entry. What you are instead looking for is a structure that allows you to customize and propogate items online without duplicate entry. You also will benefit from having multiple themes available that allow you to create uniformity in your displays.

Ultimately, choosing a shopping cart vendor is much easier when you build a sophisticated requirements list in advance. The more work that you do up front, the more time and money you will save.

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