Do You Really Need to Print That?


With such a strong emphasis on conservation and sustainability, more and more business owners and directors are making a concerted effort to reduce the amount of paperwork their company produces. Not only is going green just plain good for marketing purposes, but running an eco-friendly, sustainable business has its financial perks as well. The next time you are working at your computer getting ready to hit ‘Ctrl P,’ sit back a moment and ask yourself if you really need to print that. There must be some alternative that doesn’t involve using more paper.


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Why Is Paper Such a Big Deal?

You may be wondering why those ‘tree huggers’ put such a great amount of effort into working towards a paperless society. What harm can one piece of paper do? Actually, the truth is that one piece of paper leads to the next and before you know it, you’ve used an entire ream. That really doesn’t sound like much, after all, a ream is only 500 sheets of standard 20 pound paper used in most copiers and printers today.

Unfortunately, what the average person doesn’t know is that one tree can only produce about 20 reams of paper. Now imagine how much paper that would be if an entire city was populated with businesses with the same mindset! But even one tree doesn’t seem like such a big deal, so why stress over it? According to statistics listed on, more than 18 million acres of trees are cut down each and every year. And to make matters even worse, more than 33 percent of the trees cut down in the United States goes to the manufacturing of paper.

Trees are cut down to such an extent that it is virtually impossible to reforest quickly enough to replace them.

Why Is Reforestation Such a Great Concern?

If you have ever lived in an area like Southern California where wildfires burn down trees on hillsides by the tens of thousands a year, you would understand why reforestation is such a concern in some areas of the world. Those trees help to prevent mudslides in spring and summer rains and also are responsible for releasing oxygen into the air. Remember elementary school science? Trees take in carbon and release oxygen.

When it comes to cutting down entire forests just for the production of paper and paper goods, you should be highly concerned. Trees are home to a number of different animals and birds that are necessary to maintain a balance in the ecosphere and also produce the oxygen necessary to sustain life. Yes, it is a big deal when you can’t adequately reforest areas where great numbers of trees are felled and this is one of the biggest concerns of those Millennials who keep our country financially stable by keeping the economy flowing.

The very next time you wonder why you shouldn’t rely so heavily on hard copy prints, remember the damage we are doing just to manufacture a single ream of paper. How many reams does your office go through each and every week? Twenty reams is equivalent to one average size tree, so do your part to maintain a healthy balance in our ecosphere. Your customers and your bank account will thank you in the end.

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