A Look at Some Important Tips on Accounting for Your Business


If you’re running your own business (perhaps as a small enterprise from home or as a small business start-up), then you probably understand the importance of good bookkeeping. However, it’s equally unlikely to be your favourite subject, even though you know it’s a necessary part of business. Indeed, good bookkeeping and accounting is the key to success.

Keeping all the accounts in order is not necessarily that difficult, though it does require a system and some discipline. However, keeping the accounts in order is just the first part of the job. Being able to read the statistics and knowing what to do when it comes to accountancy (understanding and reducing costs, tax returns, and so on) is the way to success. Here’s a look at some important tips on accounting for your business.


Like any kind of industry, the field of accounting and finance is laden with words and terms that often baffle the mind of someone not familiar with them. However, these words and terms are definitely worth paying attention to, so take your time to learn the terminology. It will save you a lot of time and money, and make everything much less confusing.

Record keeping

Start right away – don’t make the mistake of thinking you should start recording once your system more or less starts to give results. Record everything, and find a way to classify your expenses and income in a clear and comprehensible manner. It may seem like a lot of effort at first, but after some time you’ll realise that having a good record-keeping mechanism will allow you to learn and make much better management decisions.


Keeping on top of your records is one thing – an important thing – that will help you run your business well. Making sure you are in compliance with all government regulations (from fire codes to licences, from permits to taxation laws) will help you stay out of trouble.

Breaking even

Never lose sight of your break-even point – it’s one of those numbers that should always be in your mind, and upon which decisions should be made.

Burn rate

Your burn rate is the amount of money it takes to keep your business operational, even if there are no sales. Keep it in mind – know it – as it will be important for marketing efforts.

There’s one more thing you should consider – and if you’re living in the modern age, you probably know this already: embrace all the technology available to you, and understand that there are many software programmes and apps as well as professionals like the accountants in Glasgow from Wylie & Bisset available to help you with your accounting. They can avoid dangerous mistakes, help you with easy record-keeping and its organisation, and give you much more information than you might think.

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