7 Business Trends That Have a Significant Impact in 2018


For a business to grow properly, it needs to be carefully directed and molded. As a business leader, every step you take should be a product of fine research, data, and calculations.

As the business world advances, the currents change. Depending on the technological developments and the needs of your target audience, new trends appear regularly, replace the old ones, and start their rule over the market.

Not all trends turn out to be keepers; some are just a passing shooting star that burns out quickly and without any fuss. However, trends that offer valuable pointers and that can help you upgrade and expand your company are definitely worth your while.

Working with Freelancers


Employing freelancers and outsourcing was still a scary idea just a year ago. Many business leaders hesitate to employ strangers who will work on a short-term contract because for various reasons, most of them related to the questionable quality of work such a person will deliver.

However, the situation developed in the opposite direction. Freelancers, who don’t need medical coverage, contracts lasting several years, or additional training, behave as the ideal employees for as long as you need them.

Social Shopping

Although this trend isn’t really new – social pressure increases impulse purchases, which is a fact advertisers take advantage of – it is experiencing a great comeback in the online world.

Options for friend vouchers, discounts for two, or friend recommendations are rapidly spreading through an online store and soon you’ll be able to see them everywhere. The idea behind it is quite simple; if customers don’t have time to go to real stores and shop together, they can do it virtually without a problem.

Live Chats

Live chats were the main topic of the previous year; now we can sit back and watch their influence grow.

There’s hardly a serious website that doesn’t provide options for live chats. Every aspiring business has agents ready to respond to any question or a demand coming from their website visitor. Similar to the previous trend, social shopping, this one also aims to mirror the realistic store experience.

Live Communication

Live chats on websites aren’t the only live trend you need to know about. You must have noticed how much attention is given to the capabilities of a business to respond quickly on social media. Achieving a “high response” rate on your social platforms should definitely be at the top of your priorities list.

If a customer in need of your products sees that it takes you a couple of hours to answer, they will look for an alternative, quicker solution.

While we’re on the subject of live communication, invest your efforts in Facebook Live videos. They can help you with branding, and your audience will love them.

Working and Working Out

[caption id="attachment_571" align="alignnone" width="680"]Businesswoman looking at team of businesspeople in miniature Businesswoman looking at team of businesspeople in miniature[/caption]

Working while being glued to a chair isn’t the only option any more. Even if it’s in your employee’s job description to remain at their work station, you should still provide them with options to stand and work, or even exercise while working.

Standing desks and desks with treadmills are huge right now, and their popularity will only grow. Exercising while working out increases productivity, it’s a great way to strengthen your team’s spirit, and to have healthy, strong employees.


You and your team need to get your heads out of dull, repetitive tasks so that you can work on the vision, expansion, and growth of your business.

Like people from WorkFusion – an aspiring company in this niche – would tell you, you need to mechanize manual tasks and start being productive today. Automating a part of your business model will provide you with a lot more time that you can use in a creative way, without the need to spread out your team.

Voice Search

Virtual assistants have had a voice for a while now, so you need to put yourself on their map. Cortana, Siri, and Alexa became incredibly popular quite fast, and their use will only continue to expand. For that reason, make sure to invest in voice search optimization.

Regardless of your industry, each of the items listed above will help you prosper. Unlike temporary trends that go up in flames before you can even hear about them, these are here to stay. The sooner you implement them to your business model, the better.

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