5 Ways to Upgrade Wireless Security for Your Business


When switching to a wireless network, security is a crucial component. While strong wireless connections are usually safer than other methods of being tapped into the World Wide Web, you can still never be too careful. Malware or viruses can still very easily sneak into your network systems and cause a tremendous amount of problems. In the end, this is the reason why updates and upgrades are so important. This is also why wireless network protection is so important. Not only do you want to protect your financial data, but you also want to protect other data too, like financial data and private client information. Here are five ways to upgrade wireless security for your business.

  1. Devise protocols. It is important to work closely with your partners and managers to create a protocol when it comes to how your network is utilized. You want to create a system of rules and regulations as to how your employees will conduct themselves online. Many viruses are contracted from employees downloading a shady file. So, you should include in your list of guidelines the protocol on safe and proper email handling.
  2. Use encryptions. One of the best ways to upgrade your wireless security is to implement encrypted software, especially when it comes to delicate financial information and private documentation. Encrypted software makes it impossible for third part hosts and malware to read or extract your content. It will also require your designated employees or partners to have a code to open the files or content. You can usually ask your IT department to implement encrypted software on your system. If your IT department is already recommending that your company encrypt, it is certainly worth the time and effort - and you should definitely take them up on their recommendation.
  3. Implement firewalls. One of the best ways to secure your network is with firewalls. This will ensure that unprotected sites or uncertified sites will not be able to be accessed by your systems. For instance, if one of your employees tries to visit a certain website, he or she will not be able to access it. You can think of a firewall as an impervious gate that makes it virtually impossible to get past - it is one of the best ways to protect your wireless system.
  4. Install an antenna alignment tool. When it comes to wireless security, a stronger network is always a safer network. So, you may want to think about installing an antenna alignment tool. For instance, Sunsight Instruments makes some powerful routers that will make your network stronger than ever. All you have to do is install the alignment tool and you will notice your signal strength improve.
  5. Create a culture of awareness. Besides implementing protocol and tool to improve and strengthen your network, you also want to take measures to create a culture where your business is more aware of the threats - very real threats that could compromise your entire company. In the end, you want to make sure that your managers embed wireless security into training new employees - you may also want to place a few signs around the office too.

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