5 Ways to Keep IT Costs under Control for Your Business


Your business's computing power is like the coal that keeps the engine of your business running. Without it, your business just wouldn't be able to operate efficiently. However, as our lives become more and more enmeshed with technology, it can very easily become a situation where you have a runaway train on your hands. When that happens, you could be paying exorbitant amounts of money to keep things chugging along at an even keel. Fortunately, there are many ways to save money on your computing costs, so that you don't have to keep digging your business out of the mud. Here are five ways to keep IT costs under control for your business.

  1. Use online and digital conference call platforms. There are many VOIP, or voice over Internet protocol, platforms that can do everything that your old phone system can do and more. Not only can you chat with clients, but you can also video conference as well. This can save money on expensive phone bills and it can save on expensive routing of telephone wires that are needed to connect most voice systems. Plus, there is less maintenance involved.
  2. Switch to the cloud. The cloud is often a much more streamlined and efficient platform. It is also less prone to crashes and downtime that require the services of an IT support team. Plus, the cloud can be accessed from anywhere, which is incredibly freeing. Not only can this allow you to save on overhead by switching to hiring more satellite employees, but it can also allow for closer and more effective communication. You can also expect that the cloud will offer more automated services, like automated backups and updates.
  3. Hire freelance IT support. One of the biggest expenses that businesses incur are the services of an in-house information technology specialist. However, by switching to cloud and modernizing some of your systems, you won't have to rely so heavily on an in-house team - you can easily bring on a freelance specialist or team when you need to. In the long run, this can save an incredible amount of capital.
  4. Switch to a completely customized and managed systems platform. For instanc, Pangea Systems offers a number of managed services - from systems management to security. Not only that, but their tech support is knowledgeable and helpful, which can really be important in those instances where you have a question that needs to be answered immediately. Not only that, but their services can offer more productivity to your workforce, which can ultimately boost your revenue and quarterly earnings.
  5. Update and maintain your systems. It is important that you always stay on top of your computing systems, because you can easily lose track. Losing track is one of the best ways to run off the financial course. So, whether you implement automatic backups or manual backups, you want to always make sure that you have the newest version of the platform. The same goes for updates. In the end, the more current your computing systems are, the more resilient they will be.

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