5 Reasons to Hold Your Event in the Midlands


London may seem the obvious space to hold an event, but it may not be the best choice unless all of your customers and clients are based in the capital. There are many other options available for your event, including the Midlands. Why should you consider holding an event away from the capital and in this part of the country? For these reasons listed below, and many more.

1. Economical Options

London has a lot of choice and some amazing venues, but it is not usually the cheapest option for an event. If you don’t have a big budget, it helps to look at alternatives to the capital. You can find your budget stretches to a much larger or more interesting venue when you look in a location like the Midlands.

2. Interesting Choice of Venues

Birmingham has a wealth of interesting venues, for example. You can choose from the International Convention Centre – part of the NEC Group – which has a large amount of space available in different configurations, or the National Exhibition Centre. This is probably the most iconic venue in the Midlands and it has over 20 exhibition halls along with 34 conference suites and a huge amount of space outdoors. If you are looking for somewhere that has a lot of experience in events, the NEC is the perfect choice.

In Coventry there’s the Ricoh Arena with a versatile array of space, and there’s the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre in Leamington Spa. For Nottingham, you have the Nottingham Conference Centre. Telford also has a good range of options.

3. Availability of Suppliers

You don’t need to worry about lack of suppliers in the Midlands. This is rarely a problem anyway, since a lot of what you need for an event is found online, such as banner printers and the ideal place to buy your pop up stand and display banners.

4. Easier Access

Having a venue with easy access by car makes it much easier for a lot of delegates to attend. London is not usually full of these types of venues since most people choose to avoid transport by car and arrive by public transport instead. This is fine, but you do want to offer the choice to people of how to travel. An event in the Midlands is easily accessed by major roads and motorways, as well as public transport.

5. Outdoor Space

Often you will need a venue with plenty of outdoor space for alternative activities – especially in the summer. In London this is prohibitively expensive but in the Midlands you find a lot of choice in these types of venue. And you usually can find venues that look a little different from the standard – interesting buildings with gardens, history, and character.

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