4 Questions Your AV Company Should Ask You


You’ll know when you are working with an efficient and effective AV company when they offer the best equipment and service, a variety of packages, and good pricing. And you will also be able to tell a lot about their quality by the questions they ask you. Getting the best AV service for your event is a two-way street. You will ask questions and find out information from the provider, but they will also need to find out about you.

Here are the key questions an AV supplier will want to know the answers to before they start working on your event project.

1. What Is Your Event All About?

Of course, this is a very general question but it is an important starting point for an Av Hire company to get to know more about what you are looking for. They will want to know about your vision for the event, the audience you intend to attract, how big or small you want to go, and your ideal event outcome.

2. What is Most Important to You?

An AV company will ask this particularly in regard to your attitude to technology but also to find out more widely what you expect from your event and what you are trying to achieve. They will want to know what kind of technology you are looking at, and how important it is to secure specific AV equipment for the event.

3. What Do You Want From Us?

An AV supplier will also be keen to know what you expect from them. It helps to discuss this at the beginning of the hire procedure so that everyone is on the same page and there will be no surprises or disappointments. The hire firm should be able to let you know if your expectations are reasonable or unreasonable, and make sure that there are solutions available for every situation, within reason.

4. What is Your Budget?

You are probably going to be very concerned about getting an AV hire solution that meets your budget. An AV supplier should ask you what your budget is, to at least have an idea of what type of technology should be provided. The supplier should then be able to give a range of options to you that fit within the budget, and not limit the solution to just one.

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